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April Knows How To Manipulate Me…. August 8, 2009

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“Did you stop running? I have not heard much from you. I don’t want you fall off the wagon or have to get picked up by the loser wagon!”

Thus my sweet sister-in-law gave me a much needed kick in the running britches.  I will NOT be meeting the driver of the Loser Wagon, thank you very much!  He might be honking at my heels, but that’s as far is it’s going, man!

April is too good to me.  In case you didn’t know, I am the worst ever running partner/friend.  I always set out with good intentions, but in the end, I will leave you behind.  Even if I have to destroy my respiratory system to do it.  Because believe me, I am not fast.  I haven’t even PLACED in a race yet.  Not even in my age group.  Nada.  Nothing.  I am completely mediocre.  But take me out for a run around the neighborhood, as my good friend A, my sweet MIL S, and my good brother W all used to do, and I will inevitably break away and run ahead.  And come back.  And run ahead.  And generally destroy your morale with my gross display of “I’ve got more stamina than you.”  I honestly don’t know why I do this.  It’s not because I want to make you feel bad about yourself, I promise.  It’s because running with a partner makes me feel good about myself!  Isn’t that great??  No???  Oh, and if you enter a race with me…well….just expect more jerkiness.  Ask April.  I don’t know why she puts up with me!

Annnnnnnnyhow, as I was saying – I got out tonight and did just shy of 3 miles.  Parts of it were terrible, but most of it felt good and even up the 10 zillion hills, I kept a nice solid pace.  I am happy to report that my two week running hiatus does not seem to have set me back…………well, I mean it DID set me back because I am nowhere close to on schedule for running 13 miles in November!  But it didn’t in the sense that I felt strong with three miles instead of reverting to struggling through it.

It was very good to get out there and have some pure “me” time.  I hashed through my current dilemma, came to no conclusions but feel slightly better for having some solitary time to think about it.  I took in some beautiful dusky neighborhood scenery…seriously, the people in my neighborhood like growing flowers and grooming their yards.  They are so much better at it than we are. Except for the one neighbor a few streets up who has an above-ground pool. In their front yardEmitting a horrible stench of rottennessAs I approached it, I could see that the water was more the color and consistency of pea soup than pool water….and I sped up as much as I could (remember, I am not fast!) in order to pass by without being snatched up by The Swamp Thing, who I am pretty sure is living in that pool.

Seriously, I feel much better for having gotten out there and exercised. Thank you, April.


2 Responses to “April Knows How To Manipulate Me….”

  1. April Says:

    You are so welcome. I almost did not run today. I did hike a couple of miles at the river and wanted to come home and eat obscene amounts of chips and salsa. Somehow me, manipulating you, inspired me to get off my butt and run. I did 13.5 miles this week…Next week, I’m going 14 🙂

  2. Ruth Says:

    You two make me exhausted just reading this blog. I think I’ll take a break and eat some choc chip ice cream and finish my latest fav book. 🙂

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