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A Great Night at the O’Quinn’s (AKA I love everyone from our church!) August 22, 2009

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Tonight was Marshall’s goodbye party at the O’Quinn’s house.  Summary:  a great time was had by all!

J&T are awesome hosts – they have a beautiful, CLEAN, cozy home…but the best parts are J&T themselves.  They are such sweet-hearted, kind people.  They have always made me feel like they honestly love me and like I am part of their family.   And as far as I can tell, they treat everybody that way, which in my experience is a very hard thing to do.

There was lots of good company from our church, lots of good food, and the new Wii Sports Resort game!  There was some dramatic entertainment, too.  This baby squirrel:
"Lucky" hangin out with Dave

"Lucky" hangin out with Dave

and it’s unfortunate sibling fell out of their nest just in time for Marshall’s going away party.  Sadly, the sibling did not survive the fall.  So I decided this guy’s name should be Lucky.  Lucky was a trooper though and just about the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.  (I mean, of course this glorified rat is nowhere near as sweet as Lauren…)  So I was determined to find him a home, cause no way was I gonna let him stay out in the yard to become a cat snack, but thankfully his Momma came and took him away just as Trena and I were reaching “frantic mode.”

Anyway, it was a great night.  I love being around the people from our church – they all love my baby, my new hair cut, my baked goods….they really lift my spirits!

Let’s boost eachother up,

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