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Got Me A J.O.B! September 4, 2009

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As I am sure that all (two) of you have noticed, I’ve been AWOL for a few days.

This is mostly because I have been working this week!  Like, for REALS!  I clock in and report to a boss and everything.!

There’s no getting around it – I can be a quirky, strange little person.  I’m OK with that, and I hope that you are, too!  One of my quirks goes something like this:

I would not describe myself as an orderly, organized person.  I am a mediocre housekeeper on my best day.  Cleaning house and rearranging linens brings me no joy.  In fact, let me be perfectly honest:  housework is downright tediousHousework crushes my spirit and if I could fix that about myself, I would – I would!  As it stands, I’m muddling through.

Now office work, on the other hand…I just love it!  I love the order and structure and supervisedness (pretty sure that’s not a real word…sorry!) of it all – right down to clocking in.  I love knowing that my time is being carefully accounted for and tracked – that somebody deeply cares about and monitors what I am doing between the “clock in” and “clock out” times.  I love that somebody cares enough to PAY ME for those hours.  The love of money is the root of all evil…but the fact that somebody is giving up those little pieces of green paper for me to perform some task or another, well that sure does motivate me.  I love performance reviews, where I get feedback on how I’m doing – in an orderly, objective manner.  And bonus systems…you can get me to do just about anything if you make it seem like a contest!

I love writing reports, creating spreadsheets, and checking off items on a checklist.  I love organizing files and trying to streamline processes.  I love typing.  All of my “professional” work life (everything that I did after I received my Bachelor’s degree) was in the insurance industry.  Snooze city, right?  Wrong!  I thrived on all that policy, process, report-driven madness.  My favorite part of my last job was this faux leather bound captain’s log-style journal I had to keep.  I got to write in it with a lovely rollerball pen and keep track of all the sales that I made.  There were columns for names, addresses, types of policy, amount of insurance…and a seperate column that I “checked off” when I sent them a thank-you.  Yep, that’s the kind of organized freakishness that makes my heart sing.  Are you scared?  Are you backing slowly away from your computer??  Come baaaack!

So my new job is working from home for Dave’s cousin, who owns a huge tent/event rental company.  Well, he actually owns two separate companies at the moment, but we don’t need to get into all the details here, do we?  I’d give you his website address, but my job right now is cleaning up the content – correcting the spelling and grammar and making it sound more professional.  I don’t want to send you there til it’s all spiffy’ed up.  (You’re scared that someone who blogs using words like “supervisedness” and “spiffy’ed” is being payed to make someone’s business sound more professional, aren’t you?)

But just know this – I am clocking in, I am writing end-of-the-day reports, I am editing and streamlining and brainstorming and I.Am.Loving.It!

Process-lovin' FREAK!

Process-lovin' FREAK!

Cross your T’s and dot your I’s,



One Response to “Got Me A J.O.B!”

  1. Susan Says:


    You are the kind of person companies want working for them!! I still think you need to be a writer.
    Love you!

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