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About This Place On The Interweb August 7, 2009

This is me.

This is me.

Let’s face it:  there’s no deep, meaningful reason that I am creating this blog today.  I am a SAHM (Stay At Home Mamajama) who spends a lot of time nursing her little bundle of joy and “surfing the net, dude.”  I like reading other people’s blogs…it’s like meeting lots of other SAHMs, SAHFs, HOJOs, MOJOs (yeah I made those up…) and so on without actually interacting with anybody.  It’s great!  Or else it’s making my cabin fever worse.  One of those two.

ANNNYYYHOW….I’ve been baking a lot since becoming a stay-at-homer (stay-at-home-er? stay-at-home’r…) and lots of people (or maybe it was only two) have been asking for my recipes.  Which aren’t really “mine” except that I found them and use them.  I’m no chef.  I’m just a woman who loves to eat, and bake.

I also like forcing myself to go running, I love horses and I am absolutely nutso about my daughter Lauren.  I love talking about her and taking silly pictures of her and posting them and hearing other people talk about her.  She’s pretty awesome if you ask me.  And even if you don’t ask, she’s still awesome.

I am married to a very busy, opinionated, good-hearted, goofy, handsome, programmer-extraordinaire (way too busy to make lil ol’ me a blog…that’s fine!) who drives me nuts and keeps me sane, too.  We’re cut from the same cloth and couldn’t do without eachother and that’s all there is to say about that!

I am a Christian.  An imperfect, often hypocritical, God-fearing, salvation believing Christian.  I won’t preach to you, or shove my beliefs down your throat…but this is my “about me” section and that’s a huge thing you should know about me.  Also, let’s try to keep everything here PG-13, mkay?  Mkay.

So that’s all about this place on the interweb.


3 Responses to “About This Place On The Interweb”

  1. Ruth Says:

    This is your mom and the last time I checked, my name was Ruth. I’m proud of you, your crazy-and-fits-right-in-the-family husband, David, and just plain goofy about Lauren. I have no idea where you got all the craziness from but I like it and you express it really well. OK. That’s all the exercise my fingers can take today. Anyhow – cool blog! This from the woman who knows everything but can’t remember most of it. 🙂

  2. Margie Says:

    So is this where I type up something to get your attention. Ha. You are going to have to cook for me sometime. When you coming to Minnesota?

  3. lotte Says:

    more stick drawings!! please?!?

    i need to email you about my mom. not exactly the same situation but close.
    hard to deal with, eh? maybe even more so since it forces us to face our own mortality.

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